Banaue Ethnic Village and Pine Forest Resort Review

May 13, 2012 – 02:19 pm

It was another long weekend and as usual I don’t have a concrete plan where am I heading. But thanks for having friends who have planned the trip 5 weeks ahead which made it so easy for me to spend my long weekend out-of-town without worrying where to go, where to stay and how to get there.

resorts in banaue
Banaue Ethnic Village and Pine Forest Resort

Somebody in their group had a last minute cancellation which means “one slot” is perfectly waiting for me. Getting a bus ticket has never been that easy since they already bought the ticket ahead of time. I arrived early in Ohayami Bus station in Sampaloc to meet the rest of the group. The area was so crowded and full of chance passengers not to mention that there’s no enough waiting area for passengers who are waiting for their Bus.

ifugao hut accommodation
Banaue Ethnic Village

After an hour, I found my self inside the Ohayami Bus en route to Banaue Ifugao where we will be staying overnight


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Useful Photography Tip #27: Specialize to Succeed  — The Phoblographer
But there isn't much market for travel photographers. But specialization does not have to mean that you forgo all other kinds of photography – it means that you find one niche in photography and specialize in it. Travel photography is my hobby.

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Agta, Alabat Island; 80; Y; < 5.00 %; Y; 1.1; Ethnic Religions; Agta,.

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